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PA Patient & Provider Network (P3N)

The PA Patient & Provider Network (P3N)

Service description & features

The Pennsylvania eHealth Partnership operates Pennsylvania’s statewide health information exchange called the PA Patient & Provider Network, or P3N.  This network includes the certified Health Information Organization (HIOs) who make up the membership connecting to the P3N hub.  Members contribute clinical data which may include Allergies, Clinical Documents, Diagnoses, Inpatient Encounters, Outpatient Encounters, Immunizations, Lab Results, Medications, Pathology Reports, Patient Demographics, Problem Lists, Procedures, and Radiology Reports. 

KeyHIE is able to query P3N on behalf of our Participants and deliver these documents as part of our Information Delivery Service (IDS).  KeyHIE Portal users, are also able to manually query P3N for patients with whom they have a Treatment relationship.

Patients who do not wish to participate in P3N are required to submit a patient opt-out form here.

The eHealth Partnership also facilitates health care provider reporting to various state registries, including immunization, laboratory reporting, cancer, syndromic (disease) surveillance, and clinical quality measurement.  KeyHIE currently participates in all available registries.

For more information regarding the content available through P3N from Pennsylvania’s certified HIOs, please visit the P3N site here.

Service implementation & support

Users of this service will receive a KeyHIE Portal Account to view patient clinical data from other participating entities.

Additional information to include pricing and next steps in obtaining this service may be obtained by emailing or by calling 570-214-9438.

Support is available 24/7.  Help with resolving problems and issues with this service can be obtained via email during regular business hours at or after hours at 570-271-8092.

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