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KeyHIE Notifications & Information Delivery Service

Service description & features
The KeyHIE Information Delivery Service (IDS) enables healthcare providers to subscribe to receive real-time alerts, notifications and important documents on their patients, based on individual preferences. These updates can be delivered via text (SMS), email, Direct or into your electronic health record (EHR), if capable.

This method of secured information delivery allows providers to access real-time patient information to efficiently coordinate care and monitor their patients.

IDS keeps providers informed
IDS facilitates a patient’s transition of care by allowing providers to stay well-informed about their patient’s health status using the following available subscription types:

  • Inpatient admission notifications
  • Emergency admission notifications
  • Lab results delivery
  • Discharge summaries
  • ED summaries
  • Inpatient discharge notifications
  • Emergency discharge notifications
  • Radiology reports
  • Consultation notes
  • CCDA

IDS is designed in a configurable way to allow for new subscription types to be implemented quickly and easily.

IDS subscription types available
Subscriptions can be setup through the following:

  1. Patient-provider: Based on the provider and patient relationship, providers may subscribe to receive important updates on their patients. These relationships include: primary care physician, referring physician and many more.
  2. System-system: Based on the relationship between healthcare facilities, KeyHIE can deliver important patient information from one consented healthcare organization to another.
  3. Patient portal: Provides patients with notifications when medical information becomes available in MyKeyCare.

To use this service, users must have access to their EHR, their KeyHIE Provider Portal account, or a KeyHIE DIRECT Secure Messaging account.  A list of the type of information current participants are contributing to KeyHIE is provided at the end of this document. 

Additional information to include pricing and next steps in obtaining this service may be obtained by emailing or by calling 570-214-9438.

Support is available 24/7.  Help with resolving problems and issues with this service can be obtained via email during regular business hours at or after hours at 570-271-8092.

Don't take our word for it, see KeyHIE in action

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