Gathering complete medical histories to close care gaps

When a patient enters hospice treatment, it’s an emotional time for everyone involved. As an organization, your goal is to treat symptoms, preserve dignity and provide comfort.

That’s hard to do when your staff is spending countless hours deciphering reams of complicated, proprietary health documents at a fax machine.

How KeyHIE can help
KeyHIE gathers far-flung pieces of a patient’s medical history—physicians, nursing homes, hospitals, lab tests and medications—to give you a complete, standardized electronic health record.

And because our exchange integrates seamlessly into your workflows, your staff can quickly build treatment plans that improve quality of life.

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Connectivity to other HIEs in Pennsylvania and beyond
Our interoperability means no need to pay for and manage multiple EHR logins. One credential opens the door to a vast network of information systems and platforms.

Additionally, we’re a charter member of the Pennsylvania eHealth Partnership Authority, an organization that works with health information exchanges, integrated delivery networks, to develop a community shared services layer for increased interoperability.

The authority is also working on a national HIE connectivity initiative using the HealtheWays’ eHealth Exchange platform.


KeyHIE privacy and security safeguards meet or exceed federal, state, and local requirements including HIPAA and HITECH rules. KeyHIE uses the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol to provide secure Web services communication as well as secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections.

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Mission & vision
Sustainable exchange built for the future of healthcare
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