MyKeyCare: Your personal health record

A secure, online tool for managing your important health information

If you or a loved one is asked for vital medical information at a moment's notice, how easy would it be?

Introducing MyKeyCare
With MyKeyCare you can access your health information from a smartphone, tablet or computer whenever you want, from wherever you have Internet access. You can:

  • Check results of common diagnostics and lab tests (from participating healthcare professionals)
  • Upload details about your allergies, medications and chronic health conditions
  • Learn about general health issues or particular health concerns
  • Upload any information you need to keep you well, including your primary care doctor's contact information.

MyKeyCare is helping an entire community lead healthier lives.
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MyKeyCare means you can

  • Quit hunting for information - Throw away old handwritten notes. All of your health information is at-a-glance whenever you need it.
  • Spend more time with your doctor - Stop answering the same questions over and over again. Focus your appointments on what you want to talk about.

Safe and secure
MyKeyCare follows all federal, state and local security guidelines to protect your personal health information and keep it private.

Take charge of your health online