KeyHIE Transform™

For nursing homes and home health agencies

KeyHIE Transform™ is a groundbreaking tool that converts your standard clinical reports into easy-to-read clinical summaries - with or without an EHR.

  • No huge start-up costs
  • Integrates with your existing workflow
  • Works with your existing technology-not around it
  • Start sharing on the day it's installed
  • Fully HIPAA and PHI compliant

Benefits of KeyHIE Transform

  • Converts MDS and OASIS documents into HIE language - Easily pulls information from minimum data sheets (MDS) and Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) forms and converts them into HL7-compliant Continuity of Care (CCD) documents.
  • Interoperability - Converted documents can be accessed by multiple EHR systems and platforms. Share patient data among other long-term care facilities, hospitals and to physicians using your existing workflows and technology.
  • Provides relevant data - Including problem lists, allergies, recent vital signs, diagnoses and general client functionality whenever you need it. Filters out unnecessary documentation.
  • Reduces staff frustration - Your employees spend less time on the phone or fax machine, and more time caring for clients.

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