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Health Plans

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Claim a Stronger Voice in Care Management

At KeyHIE, we believe health plans are just as important to delivering quality healthcare as physicians, hospitals and other providers.

Why? Because claims data partnered with robust electronic health records helps providers make better decisions at the time of care, reduces costs and increases your members' satisfaction.

How we can work together
Quality, cost-effective care is about delivering it right the first time. When you join and share your claims data with KeyHIE, you'll add valuable health information (and gain access to) our web-based network and:

Get better outcomes, lower medical costs. With KeyHIE, you'll have access to all relevant care data to manage outcomes better and eliminate unnecessary tests and reduce costly hospital readmissions and emergency department visits.
Gain efficiency. Using electronic health records reduces tedious administrative tasks like faxing and phone calls.
Boost retention rates. Providers and members are happier when they're not stuck in frustrating insurance eligibility limbo. Information sharing means you'll have the data you need to make faster payment decisions.

ACOs: Boost HEDIS scores
Affordable Care Act regulations demand that healthcare provider groups (or Accountable Care Organizations) offer more value for each patient dollar-and offer financial incentives to do so. KeyHIE helps you earn these incentives by electronically sharing patient health information between providers who are caring for the patient.

And with our National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Accreditation and quality metrics reporting, KeyHIE aggregates your performance data across every provider in our network to improve your HEDIS score and increase sales.

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